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Lil Yachty Album ” Teenage Emotions ” Review – Video

Jun 29, 2017 by Jay Johnson - 0 Comments


Whether you like Lil Yachty music or not, what you can’t deny is this guy has become very popular in this generation; Yachty was even able to land a Target commercial earlier this year! Either way you slice it though, Yachty is truly carving his own lane and appears to be taking all the criticism in stride. His debut album, Teenage Emotions, was highly anticipated for a slew of reasons but most of all to see how the 19-year-old would work within the parameters of all the hate.  Lil Yachty shows on this album is that he’s just having fun with music, even though he’s all over the place with his lyrical content, the production is pretty solid.  I think Teenage Emotions is just about 8 songs short of being a good album, its not horrible but its not good either.  There are hot beats on the album, but direction of most songs are confusing and effortless.  The best song on the album to me was ” Better” 

Lyrics like this leave you like WTF?  ” “She get wet, and she suck my dick like an insect/She my step sister, so I guess that’s incest”